Deeper in God’s Word

Welcome to “Deeper In God’s Word,” a devotional workbook designed to lead the believer into a deeper walk with God through His Word. This project has taken me a few years, to compile and assemble numerous Scriptures into eight separate subjects. I believe that you will find a beautiful and powerful blend and harmony of God‟s Word knitted into a tapestry of wisdom and revelation. Primarily I have used the New International Version of the Bible, along with the King James Version and Amplified Bible. Occasionally I have interjected a few words of my own to help with transitions or to elaborate on a few key Scriptures- they will always be in italics. However, the overall format has been designed to allow the Holy Scriptures to speak for themselves.

I encourage you to listen to these podcasts on a regular basis on a particular subject where your faith needs to be built up and developed- first thing in the morning or before bed. Allow the
Word to resonate within your spirit as you meditate on it throughout the day or dream of it throughout the night. Each podcast is a collection of highly concentrated Scripture with Holy Spirit inspired words that will bring life to your spirit.

Simply click on the titles below in order to launch the podcast:

Faith in God

Prayers from the Word

The Word of Life

Walking in Love

Praise, Worship & Thanksgiving

Qualifications of the Ministry

Words of Wisdom


In Him