Praise God for His “Precious Promises” in His Word. Click on the image below to access a table of about 3,000 promises from the Bible. The key is to hide God’s Word in our heart by meditating on the Scriptures- speaking God’s Word out of our mouth until the seed of God’s Word gets into our spirit. That is where it begins to grow and give substance to the things we hope for and desire to receive from the Lord.

Precious Promises Title Page

I have done extensive research on the study of faith scriptures in the New Testament so we can analyze its operation in the Bible. Looking at it from a “Big Picture” standpoint allows us to see distinct patterns and common practices that thus establishes principles for us to adopt in our own lives and ministries.

I have enclosed the following PDF links for you to download, distribute and use for God’s glory – enjoy!

Gospel Principles of Faith

Gospel Examples of Faith

According to your Faith

The Ministry of Jesus and How People Received

Received by Spoken Word or Point of Contact

Epistle Principles of Faith

These tracts are dedicated to equipping and training believers to effectively reach other people with the truth of the Gospel. I’ve also included research papers for the purpose of providing in depth studies to empower Christians with the background of cults that falsely pose as Christianity.

Eternal Life

Forgiveness and Restoration

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Jehovah’s Witnesses Tract

Jehovah’s Witnesses – Research Paper

Mormonism Tract

Mormonism – Research Paper